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Memorial Page

Over the last 20 years we have helped many animals. The sad part about what we do and the way that we do it is the part where they cross over.

 Eventually the will all do so and we know this, but over the years we spend with them, it becomes very difficult to say goodbye.

 That is why we are dedicating this page not only to the beloved Creatures that have shared our lives with us, but family. Friends and volunteers who have also crossed over as well.

 We have loved all tremendously and we will miss them all for ever.


                                                                                                                                           Charles ( Chuck) Michael Ieronimo with Anasazi  


 Chuck wasn't just my Nephew. He was our adopted son as well.

Chuck and Sherry lived with us for five years when they were young.

Chuck spent several years in a very hard battle with Hodgekins Lymphoma.

This photo is with Anasazi from the early days.





Waya came to live with us first so I suppose it is only fitting that she should be llisted first.

Waya was an amazing Ambasador, she loved everyone and for a good while she traveled with me to PowWow  

She lived a long and happy life. She passed away a few days before her 17th Birthday from cancer.

                                             Always loved and always missed.





Secu was our second rescue. She came to us at eight weeks old and was an amazing bundle of fur and love .

She lived with us for almost twelve years before she was killed by a Rattlesnake.

She was the first lost to a  Rattlesnake bite followed by several others over the years.

It has been very hard to deal with the snakes over the years living out where we live.

A lot of the problem was caused by clearcutting on properties adjoining us.






Kim Powell and Michi



Michi was 18 months old when she came to live with us. She was amazing. Her former owner had surrendered her to Wayside Vetereranary Clinic

For Euthanasia. They contacted us and her owner brought her up to us. He was having trouble keeping her in her enclosure and I can atest tht she was indeed an

escape artist of the highest order.. She led me around in the dark one night for over six hours. Every time I would lose her, she would come find me and wait on me.

She was not trying to get away, but she had no intentions of me getting a leash on her either.

Finally she stopped for a drink of water from a spring and I

slipped the noose of a catch stick over her head and she jsut looked at me with a nasty look. She enjoyed midnight romps and from time to time I would put a leash on her and we would romp through the woods at night. I took her into the mountains with me on several ocassions over the years. She always loved the time that we spent together.

We lost her ten days after her 19th Birthday to cancer.

Always loved, always missed.








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